EmprendeLatino is a first of its kind accelerator created by Perpetua Partners, the premier global venture capital firm investing exclusively in Latinx technology startups. EmprendeLatino is the first investment fund-backed tech accelerator committed to developing the next generation of tech entrepreneurs led by the fastest-growing and most entrepreneurial demographic in the US – Latinx and Hispanics. Over the next five years, EmprendeLatino will graduate up to 200 companies, creating up to 2,000 jobs with an average salary per tech worker of $98,000. Perpetua Partners will invest $20 million dollars into EmprendeLatino graduates over the next five years.  

About Perpetua Partners

Perpetua Partners is the premier venture capital firm investing exclusively–Latinx and Hispanic-led tech startups. With over 80+ years of combined industry experience, partners of Perpetua Partners have launched 16 startups, raised ~$3 million for owned companies and invested a total of $159 million in 34 companies with 19 exits to date. Perpetua Partners understands the need for instructor and mentor-led curriculum targeting the Latinx/Hispanic community, combined with the capital needed for the startups to scale. EmprendeLatino is a key component of the investment thesis of Perpetua Partners.



What is the application deadline?

Applications for the Fall 2019 Cohort are closed. We will announce the new application timeline for future cohorts.

Do I have to be Latinx to apply?

We require that at least one of the co-founders attending identifies as Latinx with at least 51% of the company owned by a person who identifies as Latinx.

How far along does my company need to be in order to apply?

We accept applications from companies at all early stages. We understand that not all ideas or teams move at the same pace and carefully consider this in evaluating your application. What is important is that accepted companies will be able to successfully complete the program.  

How much does it cost?

We do not charge participants a fee to participate. Instead we “trade” all that we provide to our cohort companies for an equity investment in the company. 

Will I receive investment funding?

Companies that successfully complete the Program and respective diligence will receive a venture seed investment of $100,000.

When does the program take place?

The current cohort runs from September 3, 2019 to November 23, 2019. Programming takes place at different times throughout the week and requires a full-time commitment to hours that extend into evenings and weekends.  

Can I apply if I am not in New Mexico? What if I am not in the southwest?

You can live anywhere to apply! Just be willing to live in New Mexico for the program. The interactive nature of our program and the importance of building a close community requires that the two co-founders attend each session, in person. While we do not require that you or your company stay in New Mexico after the program, we will happily connect you to the resources that you need in order to do so. It is truly an amazing place to launch a tech startup and we hope that if do live elsewhere, you might decide on a new home!

How many people do you accept?

We currently limit cohort size to ten companies and cap participants to two co-founders per company. 

Do you provide mentorship and/or coaching?

Coaching is a critical aspect of our program. Domain experts, experienced mentors, your instructors, associates and our staff will be guiding you every step of the way. Additionally, our small batch size ensures that you will receive plenty of individualized coaching from our instructors (who all have office hours). 

Will there be a dedicated space to work from?

Yes! Throughout the program our co-working space in downtown Albuquerque is 100% dedicated to our cohort. You’ll be in great company too as it also hosts Cultivating Coders bootcamps.

Can I apply if my company has already taken in funding?